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CWT C1: Beijing(2N) - Shanghai(2N) 5days Tour (by flight)
CWT C2: Beijing(2N) - Shanghai(2N) 5 days Tour (by high speed train)
CWT C3: Beijing(3N) - Shanghai(2N)+Xitang Water Town 6days Tour (by flight)
CWT C4: Beijing(2N) - Shanghai(3N)+Xitang Water Town 6days Tour (by flight)
CWT C5: Beijing(2N) - Shanghai(3N) 6 days Tour (by high speed train)
CWT C6: Beijing(3N) - Shanghai(2N) 6days Tour (by high speed train)
CWT C7: Beijing(3N )- Shanghai(3N)+Xitang Water Town 7days Tour (by flight)
CWT C8: Beijing(3N) - Shanghai(3N)+Xitang Water Town 7days Tour(by high speed train)
CWT C9: Beijing 5Days Tour
CWT C10: Beijing 4Days Tour
CWT C11: Beijing 3Days Tour
CWT C12: Shanghai 5Days Tour
CWT C13: Shanghai 4Days Tour
CWT C14: Shanghai 3Days Tour
CWT C15: Beijing(2N) - Xian(2N) - Shanghai(2N) 7 days Golden Triangle Folklore Tour (by flight)
CWT C16: Beijing(2N) - Xian(1N) - Shanghai(1N) 7 days Golden Triangle Folklore Tour (by overnight train)
CWT C17: Beijing(2N) - Xian(2N) - Guilin(2N) - Shanghai(2N) 7 days Golden Triangle Folklore Tour (by flight)

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China's climate ranges from year-round tropical heat in Hainan to Siberian conditions in the far north and classic desert weather in the far west.


All Chinese people speak Putonghua (Mandarin), the national language based on the Beijing dialect. Many students and young people study English or other foreign languages (there are daily television language classes), however few have a chance to practice speaking them. This means that visitors might be approached for impromptu lessons, but they also might find it difficult to make themselves understood by people on the street. However tourist hotels employ staff fluent in English, Japanese and other languages, who can write down addresses or instructions in Chinese for taxi drivers or others. In addition, all major roads are signposted in pinyin - the Chinese system of romanization - which makes it quite easy to get around with the help of a map.


Foreign visitors can obtain individual or group visas from Chinese embassies and consulates in the country of departure, or China Travel Service offices in Hong Kong, usually within a day or two.Most tourists are included in group visas, not inserted into passports. For individual travelers, single-entry visas are valid for entry within three months. For business people and other regular visitors there are multiple-entry visas good for six months at a time.Each visa is valid for a stay of 30 or 60 days, and can be extended while in China.

Visitors should carry their passports while in China as they are needed to check into hotels, make plane or train reservations, exchange money or establish the holder's identity. Loss of a passport should be reported immediately to the holder's embassy or consulate, and the Beijing Municipality Public Security Bureau, Foreigners Section, 85 Beichizi Jie, tel. 553102.


The Chinese currency is the renminbi (RMB) or yuan which is divided into fen. There are Y100, Y50, Y10, Y5, Y2, Y1, 50 fen, 20 fen and 10 fen banknotes. The smaller denominations are being replaced with coins, valued at 10 fen, 20 fen, 50 fen, and 1. Travelers cheques and money can be exchanged in all major hotels and banks. American Express offices will provide such services as Emergency Card Replacement and Global Assist. Emergency Cheque Cashing and Travelers Cheque Replacement services are offered by local banks in all major destinations.
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